Jester & Judge


This will be the first in our series of interviews with several of the breweries and cideries participating in the 2017 Snohomish Brewfest. First up to bat with 10 questions? Jester & Judge cidery!

  1. You're located in Stevenson, Washington on the banks of the mighty Columbia. All things considered, do you think you guys are by far the coolest thing in town?
    "Our motto is 'We'll Bring the Jester, You Be The Judge'.  We prefer to let you decide..."
  2. Your ciders are free of concentrates and artificial additives. Is it fair to say that if someone decides to drink another brand's cider, they might as well be drinking a Capri-Sun at the kiddie table?
    "Every cidery creates their own snowflake.  We like to think that there is a taste for every palate out there... to each their own, as long as you are raising a glass!" 
  3. Jester and Judge sounds like nicknames Sylvester Stallone might have for his biceps. Where did the name actually come from? 
    "Like the Colonel's chicken recipe, somethings must remain a secret." 
  4. If Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold, and Judge Ito were in a brawl, who do you think would win and why?
    "Hands down Judge Judy.  That lady could scare the white right off of a polar bear."
  5. Would it be considered berry overkill if I'm sipping on your blackberry cider while I pick blackberries in my backyard? 
    "Heck no! Throw it in a glass with some fresh berries in the bottom and enjoy... perhaps add some sprite and a shot of your favorite vodka for a nice summer evening fruit spritzer!" 
  6. You also have a pineapple cider. Have you considered asking the governor of Hawaii to make pineapple cider the official state beverage? 
    "That is a fantastic idea... We will have our people contact their people." 
  7. What are you planning on bringing to Snohomish Brewfest? Will it involve pineapple?
    "Most definitely!"
  8. Have you ever met an actual jester?
    " once met a clown on the streets of downtown Leavenworth at 1am.  Not sure if that is an official Jester, but he did have a squirting flower and a big red nose." 
  9. Who's the mad genius behind the flavor choices?
    "Our fearless leader Bruce. He's been in the game for a few decades now, and we always look forward to his crazy concoctions!" 
  10. Are cider and beer arch enemies or can they live side by side in harmony?
    "Arch Enemies?  No... I think it's more like the Avengers.  Each of us has our own unique set of attributes that will one day combine to save the world!"