Boundary Bay's Brewfest lineup!


Do you have goosebumps? Us too. Here's a peek into what you can look forward to at this year's Brewfest!

Cabin Fever
Specially brewed and bottled for the Pacific NW Winters, this winter-warmer’s deep red-brown color and rich malty flavor will complement any hearty meal. While this beer is deceptively strong, it tastes smooth thanks to an extra long, cool conditioning. It pairs well with rich, heavier foods and spicy dishes - however, Cabin Fever is also very satisfying on its own.
MALTS: 2-Row Pale, Munich, C-60, C-75, Carastan, Chocolate and Flaked Oats
HOPS: Zeus, Simcoe and Willamette
STATS: 19°P OG // 8.5% ABV // 45 IBU

Harvest Rye
As summer fades this crisp, rye boogie helps prepare for the rapid arrival of autumn. Local specialty grains from Skagit Valley produce a complex, medium-bodied ale with beautiful, creamy off-white head. The enticing bright-copper Harvest Rye brings aromas and flavors of toasty caramel, earthy, pear and orchard fruitiness to complement the forthright rye spice.
 MALTS: Alba (Pale), Triton, and Vienna from Skagit Valley Malting, + Honey Malt, Abbey, Dextrin, Chocolate, Flaked Rye and hulls
HOPS: Perle, Fuggle and Cascade
STATS: 15°P OG // 7.2% ABV // 45 IBU