5 Rights Brewing Brewfest Lineup


Put a Pumpkin In It Spiced Saison             ABV:      7.1%      IBU’s:    28


One of our rotating saison series, this autumn saison is a tip of the hat to our friends in Portlandia featuring organic pumpkin in the mash to compliment the natural clove and fruity notes of the yeast strain.  Then we add a traditional pumpkin pie spice blend to this version to create this delicious Fall treat.  “What a nice saison.  I know.  We’ll put a pumpkin in it!”   


Brewdude Dripline Chocolate Milk Stout Nitro    ABV: 4.4%           IBU’s:    23


One of our regular rotating stout offerings, Dripline is a luscious, chocolate malt forward session stout with full, creamy mouthfeel.  This special Brewdude version was brewed especially for the Snohomish Brewfest 2017 and adds a special twist that you won’t want to miss.  You're going to want your regular hook-up for sure.


Juice Groove IPA              ABV:      6.5%     IBU’s:    55


A departure from our usual dry West Coast Style IPA's, Juice Groove is a NE style hazy IPA featuring 3 different tropical and juicy hop varieties paired with a Northeast IPA yeast strain to bring out delicious flavors of orange, tangerine, nectarine and mango.  The hops may change but the juiciness won’t ever let you get out of the groove.


Amygdala IPA                    ABV:      7.2%      IBU’s:    50


Brewed as a study in contrast to the “Haze Craze” New England Style IPA’s, this beer was constructed with the exact same hop profile as our Juice Groove IPA but with a West Coast style grain bill, mash regimen and yeast selection.  Delicious in its own right, highlights the tropical and juicy hop varieties in a much different light with its dry finish and slightly higher alcohol level.  Gotta’ love studies in beer!