5 Rights Brewing

  1. What is a low gravity session beer and does it have anything to do with Neil Armstrong?
    A low gravity session beer is one that is lower than 5 % alcohol by volume with the gravity referring to the amount of sugar before the yeast had their feast.  The less sugar, the lower the gravity and hence the lower alcohol level when they’re done.  Session beers are considered “crushable” and astronauts are strong people that hang out in zero gravity environments so I think it is safe to say that Neil Armstrong and friends would definitely do their part to turn low gravity into zero gravity by drinking a few session beers.  Not too big of a leap, eh?
  2. You offer a line of beers that you refer to as OTC (over the counter) beers. Do you view Prilosec OTC a competitor?
    Our OTC (Over-the-Counter) beers refer to our house beers or the selections we try to have on tap all of the time.  As for Prilosec OTC, we definitely consider them a colleague instead of a competitor as we are all about the food pairing and a few OTC IPA’s with some of our Wasabi Guacamole and Chips can get downright addictive.  If you have a hard time stopping on the food and beer the Prilosec really comes in handy.
  3. You also offer "Prescription Beers". If my doctor says I'm drinking too much beer, he's obviously not the right doctor for me, right?**
    Yeah, that’s a simple one.  Our Prescription (RX) Beers are our seasonal and rotators so if you doctor says you are drinking too many RX beers then you can always tell them that it’s only a season, and like exercising regularly you will change your habit soon. 
  4. "Nurses Orders" is your line of special release beers. If Nurse Ratched (from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) offered you a frosty cold IPA, would you drink it?
    Having been married to a nurse for 15+ years I definitely have a great trust in nurses and would welcome the IPA as I know that they are committed to quality care.  However, if Nurse Ratched handed the IPA to me in a pre-frosted glass I would have to decline and politely remind her that she is compromising the flavor of a finely crafted creation and that she should adjust to her protocol to serve in a properly selected, clean, and room temperature glass so that the flavors of the craft beer will be allowed to shine as intended.  And then hope she took the correction well as I’m not a big fan of antiquated shock treatments.
  5. Your name is based off of the 5 rights of medication administration in the nursing field. If you had to offer Florence Nightingale a sip of your beer, what would you give her?
    We have the ultimate respect for Florence Nightingale and know that she persevered through great adversity to help demonstrate the need for and establish the great profession of nursing.  Her attention to detail and steadfastness lead us to believe that she would greatly appreciate one of our most sought after Nurse’s Orders beers, our Kristi’s Bourbon Fractured Winter Ale.  The Fractured Winter Ale is a very high gravity Belgian Winter Saison that is aged an entire year before release, the last four months on American charred white oak that has been soaked in Two Stars Bourbon.  The rich dark fruit, toffee, chocolate and anise notes from the Saison marry well with the strong vanilla notes from the Two Stars making for a meticulously crafted and incredibly delicious reward for staying the course and following through with the commitment to excellence, just as “Flossey” would have. 
  6. When you watch Grey's Anatomy do you daydream about McSteamy holding a pint of 5 Rights in his hand after a particularly rough surgery?
    He’s not exactly our target demographic.  And daydreaming about him at all is a little creepy for me but I definitely want surgeons and all walks of life to make the “RIGHT” choice and have a delicious 5 Rights beer for any occasion.
  7. The US Bill of Rights discusses cruel and unusual punishment - would you consider it cruel to live in a world without hops?
    We personally try to find joy in all we do, but it would really suck not to have hops in our lives if we were to be totally honest.  The worst part is not being able to smell them every fresh hop season.  It would be brutal.  
  8. You have a beer called Nellie's Nectar Bavarian Hefeweizen. Who is Nellie and has she ever visited Burghausen Castle in Bavaria? 
    Our gold medal winning Nellie’s Nectar Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is actually named after my mother-in-law who requires me to have “her Hefferweizen” on tap at all times.   And who’s to argue with your mother-in-law about how to pronounce a beer name correctly or anything really so we just named the beer after her as a small tribute.
  9. Mr. O Don't Regret Oatmeal Coffee Stout makes me wonder who Mr. O is and how he's able to live life so confidently? 
    Mr. O is actually Mr. Otis and is a play on the old Cole Porter tune Miss Otis Regrets.  One sip of this beer and you will realize why he isn’t regretting anything at this point except for when maybe it all runs out.
  10. In regards to your Celebration Saison - what are you guys celebrating and will there be cake?
    We brew our Celebration Saison for our anniversary each year in July and it is one of the 6-7 different Saisons that we brew throughout the year here at 5 Rights.  We are big fan of the dry and crisp-finishing beers but unfortunately cake is not always included.  A couple of Saisons though and you won’t really care.


**This was meant to be a silly questionairre and not taken seriously. Please drink responsibly.